Survey Tape 25mm x 100m Multiple Colors


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Product Description

Survey/Flagging Tape
25mm x 100m roll
  • Suitable for marking out in mining, construction, surveying, forestry and numerous other applications
  • High quality and durable
  • Hand tearable
  • Ideal for use with survey pins for highly visible marks

Warranty Information

{"47760102": {"Colour": "Red"},"47760103": {"Colour": "Blue"},"47760104": {"Colour": "Green"},"47760105": {"Colour": "Yellow"},"47760106": {"Colour": "Orange"},"47760111": {"Colour": "White"},"47760123": {"Colour": "Glo Blue"},"47760124": {"Colour": "Glo Green"},"47760126": {"Colour": "Glo Orange"},"47760129": {"Colour": "Glo Pink"},"47760122": {"Colour": "Glo Red"},"47760125": {"Colour": "Glo Yellow"}}

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