Price Per Box:
$29.65 - $34.85

Product Description

P&N Quickbit TCT Drill / Countersinks are designed to drill screw pilot hole and countersink in one action. Tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) countersink with multi-purpose drill bit. For use in cement sheet blue board, timber, plastic and abrasive materials.

The P&N Quickbit range has been specifically developed to provide quick change-over of standard 1/4" hex shank power bits. This comprehensive range of power drill bits and accessories is for trade and home handyman use and allows the operator to simply and efficiently use one power tool for all operations.

Central to the range is the Quickbit Adaptor, which aids in the simple change over and instant locking of any 1/4" hex shank bit without the use of a chuck key. Changing from a drill to a screwdriver bit is no longer a laborious task. There's no more need for repetitious chuck loosening and tightening or using two drills.

  • 1/4" hex shank suits quick change adaptors
  • TCT countersink for use in cement sheet, blue board, timber, plastic and abrasive materials
  • Removable multi purpose drill for easy replacement
  • Tungsten Carbide cutting edges for high wear resistance

Warranty Information

{"107DC0008": {"Finish": "Bright","Material": "Tungsten Carbide","Height (mm)": "23","Length (mm)": "177","Width (mm)": "65","Gross Wt (kg)": "0.035","Volume (cm3)": "264.615"},"107DC0010": {"Finish": "Bright","Material": "Tungsten Carbide","Height (mm)": "25","Length (mm)": "176","Width (mm)": "63","Gross Wt (kg)": "0.04","Volume (cm3)": "210"},"107DC0012": {"Finish": "Bright","Material": "Tungsten Carbide","Height (mm)": "25","Length (mm)": "176","Width (mm)": "63","Gross Wt (kg)": "0.039","Volume (cm3)": "210"},"107DC0016": {"Finish": "Bright","Material": "Tungsten Carbide","Height (mm)": "25","Length (mm)": "176","Width (mm)": "63","Gross Wt (kg)": "0.067","Volume (cm3)": "231.756"}}

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