Mine Marking Marking Out Paint 350g Multiple Colours


Price Per Box:
$155.04 - $194.40

Product Description

  • Specially formulated for above/below ground areas
  • High opacity, high quality, true colour pigment loading
  • 360º degree valve for any direction spray
  • Applications include marking out ore zones in grading control, pit walls and survey grid layouts
  • Vertical spray is suitable for use with Dy-Mark’s Mine Marking Handle (5m extension)

Warranty Information

{"38013501": {"Colour": "Hz Black"},"38013502": {"Colour": "Hz Red"},"38013503": {"Colour": "Hz Blue"},"38013504": {"Colour": "Hz Green"},"38013505": {"Colour": "Hz Yellow"},"38013506": {"Colour": "Hz Orange"},"38013511": {"Colour": "Hz White"},"38013522": {"Colour": "Hz Fluro Red"},"38013523": {"Colour": "Hz Fluro Blue"},"38013524": {"Colour": "Hz Fluro Green"},"38013525": {"Colour": "Hz Fluro Yellow"},"38013526": {"Colour": "Hz Fluro Orange"},"38013529": {"Colour": "Hz Fluro Pink"},"38033501": {"Colour": "Vert Black"},"38033502": {"Colour": "Vert Red"},"38033503": {"Colour": "Vert Blue"},"38033504": {"Colour": "Vert Green"},"38033505": {"Colour": "Vert Yellow"},"38033506": {"Colour": "Vert Orange"},"38033511": {"Colour": "Vert White"},"38033522": {"Colour": "Vert Fluro Red"},"38033523": {"Colour": "Vert Fluro Blue"},"38033524": {"Colour": "Vert Fluro Green"},"38033525": {"Colour": "Vert Fluro Yellow"},"38033526": {"Colour": "Vert Fluro Orange"},"38033529": {"Colour": "Vert Fluro Pink"},"38023502": {"Colour": "NF Hz Red"},"38023505": {"Colour": "NF Hz Yellow"},"38023506": {"Colour": "NF Hz Orange"},"38023511": {"Colour": "NF Hz White"},"38023522": {"Colour": "NF Hz Fluro Red"},"38023526": {"Colour": "NF Hz Fluro Orange"},"38023529": {"Colour": "NF Hz Fluro Pink"},"38043502": {"Colour": "NF Vert Red"},"38043505": {"Colour": "NF Vert Yellow"},"38043506": {"Colour": "NF Vert Orange"},"38043511": {"Colour": "NF Vert White"},"38043522": {"Colour": "NF Vert Fluro Red"},"38043526": {"Colour": "NF Vert Fluro Orange"},"38043529": {"Colour": "NF Vert Fluro Pink"}}

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