Markal Paintstik B Long-lasting, Weather & Fade Resistant Multiple Colors


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Product Description

Markal Paintstik Range
  • Long-lasting, weather and fade resistant
  • Markal Paintstik K is ideal for marking on iron and steel castings, ingots,forgings, blooms, billets and high-temperature metal alloys
  • Markal Paintstik H and H-T is ideal for marking hot coils, billets, slabs, bars and ingots
  • Markal Paintstik B is ideal for layout, colour coding, fabrication and identification
  • Markal Paintstik B-L is designed for fabricating structural steel or layout work where the marks are required to bleed through a primer coat covering the marks
  • Markal Paintstik P is designed for marking steel prior to the galvanising process
  • Markal Paintstik M is ideal for marking hot coils, billets, slabs, bars, ingots

Warranty Information

{"34011201": {"Colour": "Black"},"34011202": {"Colour": "Red"},"34011203": {"Colour": "Blue"},"34011205": {"Colour": "Yellow"},"34011206": {"Colour": "Orange"},"34011207": {"Colour": "Brown"},"34011208": {"Colour": "Purple"},"34011209": {"Colour": "Pink"},"34011210": {"Colour": "Silver"},"34011211": {"Colour": "White"}}

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