Bond Cover Colorbond Touch Up 300g


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Product Description

Dy-Mark BOND COVER Touch Up is a premium quality, acrylic based, durable exterior satin finish coating. It has been
specially formulated for the maintenance and repair of pre-painted metal surfaces, including COLORBOND® and powder coated
finishes. It is ideal for touch ups on fences, gutters, fascia, downpipes, gates, window frames and roller doors.

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{"12533015": {"Colour": "Basalt"},"12533002": {"Colour": "Classic Cream"},"12533007": {"Colour": "Cottage Green"},"12533014": {"Colour": "Cove"},"12533006": {"Colour": "Deep Ocean"},"12533001": {"Colour": "Dune"},"12533016": {"Colour": "Evening Haze"},"12533013": {"Colour": "Gully"},"12533020": {"Colour": "Ironstone"},"12533021": {"Colour": "Jasper"},"12533011": {"Colour": "Mangrove"},"12533005": {"Colour": "Manor Red"},"12533022": {"Colour": "Monument"},"12533018": {"Colour": "Night Sky"},"12533010": {"Colour": "Pale Eucalypt"},"12533012": {"Colour": "Paperbark"},"12533017": {"Colour": "Shale Grey"},"12533003": {"Colour": "Surfmist"},"12533009": {"Colour": "Terrain"},"12533008": {"Colour": "Wallaby"},"12533019": {"Colour": "Windspray"},"12533004": {"Colour": "Woodland Grey"}}

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