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$337.25 - $702.50

Product Description

ICCONS Thunderbolt Pro-XTM Hex Head is the latest approved high tensile screw-in, self-tapping concrete and masonry anchor for use in a wide range of materials used in the construction Industry. Installation is quick and easy, simply drill, clean the hole and screw in the anchor. If you are after the best general purpose Screw Bolt in the business, ICCONS Thunderbolt Pro-XTM Hex Head is your anchor.

ICCONS Thunderbolt Pro-XTM achieves the Highest Loads while generating low expansion forces. The Thunderbolt Pro-XTM is also completely removable making it ideal for temporary applications. Unlike mechanical expansion anchors, the Thunderbolt Pro-XTM keys into the base material for the entire depth and diameter of the hole, not just at the base of the hole. This reduces high energy forces within the concrete allowing close anchor spacing and near-to edge anchor locations. Sharp thread forming teeth ensure the most secure connection in hard base materials. The Thunderbolt Pro-XTM is a truly versatile anchor, as it can be installed in a whole range of base materials such as concrete, block, brick, timber, marble, and stone, just to name a few. The highly engineered design of ICCONS Thunderbolt Pro-XTM is the result of extensive testing and provides market leading load performance. ICCONS Thunderbolt Pro-XTM is a one piece, fast, efficient and cost effective fixing solution for any job.

Available in Zinc Plated Carbon Steel, Galvanised Carbon Steel or Bi-metal Stainless Steel 316 A4
Perfect for internal or external applications
Fast installation at reduced torque
Stamped Hex Head for fast and accurate identification
Flanged Hex head locking serrations designed to resist loosening and improve dynamic load performance
Chamfered tip centres anchor and aids in installation
Designed for cracked and non-cracked concrete
No expansion, ideal for close-to-edge applications
Complies with AS5216:2018 (Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings in concrete refer to select range)


Warranty Information

{"SXTM06060SS": {"Option": "6 x 60mm"},"SXTM06075SS-A": {"Option": "6 x 75mm"},"SXTM08070SS-A": {"Option": "8 x 70mm ETA"},"SXTM08090SS-A": {"Option": "8 x 90mm ETA"},"SXTM10090SS": {"Option": "10 x 90mm"},"SXTM10100SS": {"Option": "10 x 100mm"},"SXTM10120SS-A": {"Option": "10 x 120mm ETA"},"SXTM12110SS": {"Option": "12 x 110mm"},"SXTM12125SS-A": {"Option": "12 x 125mm ETA"},"SXTMCS06080SS-A": {"Option": "6 x 80mm ETA"},"SXTMCS08095SS-A": {"Option": "8 x 95mm ETA"}}

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