Ballmarker Ink T400 1ltr Multiple Colors


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Product Description

Ballmarker Refill Ink T400
1 L, 20 L
  • Opaque, waterproof and lightfast inks
  • Extremely durable in all environmental conditions
  • T400 Ink will mark on any surface, penetrating grease, oil and rust
  • PB80 Ink is specially formulated to be removable by the pickling process (ensuring no bleed through during the galvanising process)

Warranty Information

{"11010101": {"Colour": "Black"},"11010102": {"Colour": "Red"},"11010103": {"Colour": "Blue"},"11010104": {"Colour": "Green"},"11010105": {"Colour": "Yellow"},"11010111": {"Colour": "White"}}

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