310ml SILIRUB+ S8800


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A ZERO M.E.K, ultra-premium quality, non-staining, low modulus, neutral curing silicone sealant, especially designed for use on natural and engineered stones. It has an extra thick body for easy toolability and has a final gloss finish. Contains fungicides and is suitable for sanitary applications.

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{"120987": {"COLOUR": "ANTHRACITE"},"120988": {"COLOUR": "BRIGHT BEIGE"},"120989": {"COLOUR": "MANHATTAN"},"120990": {"COLOUR": "MARBLE GREY"},"120991": {"COLOUR": "MIDDLE GREY"},"120992": {"COLOUR": "DUST GREY"},"120993": {"COLOUR": "TRANSPARENT"},"120994": {"COLOUR": "JOINT GREY"},"120995": {"COLOUR": "WHITE"},"120996": {"COLOUR": "BLACK"},"123473": {"COLOUR": "TRANSPARENT GREY"},"123474": {"COLOUR": "BAHAMA BEIGE"},"123475": {"COLOUR": "JASMIN"}}

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